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Our youngest Danish fan
Marcus and his Mum!
Lowther Pavilion, St. Annes. UK
Auckland Folk Festival. NZ
Lowther Pavilion
Recording Angels' Share album 2009
The famous Bunker, Devonport. NZ
Ely Folk Festival 2013
The Palü, Seckenheim
The Palü, Seckenheim
Penguin Club, Oamaru. NZ 2014
Backstage at Skagen Festival Denmark
Greg and Pete just being really cool
Auckland Festival 2014
Dave's cooking tonight...
On stage at Skagen festival
Our Zoolander faces... :-)
It's a hard life touring in NZ
Victoria Theatre, Auckland 2016
Don't know what's happening here..
Inside the Bunker 2015
The Bunker 2015
It's hot in the Bunker...
Bunker 2015
Pre-gig at Dargaville NZ 2016
Silly season at Izjerlo...
Just silly...
Our hosts in Doubtless bay NZ 2014
He's got his bass... he's happy!
Greg and Dave leaping off the tower
Pete and Anne-Marie, NZ 2014
Post-gig at Izjerlo
The glass must have a leak!
Oamaru NZ 2014
Pre-gig meal, Wellington NZ 2014
Penguin Club, Oamaru 2014
Dave in the blue
Pensive Pete
Typical post-gig night, Coburg
Mid tour... Greg's showing the signs
Lunch with the Burgermeister, Ketsch
The world's best house concert.
On stage
Country Fair Netherlands
Three rode out!
Not so sure Greg?
Raiders/ Pete
Dave- 'avin' a larf!
Greg looking up to the guitar
Mad! quite mad!
Go for it!
Auckland Festival
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